Skyler Rotate
SKYLER Rotate is an end-to-end, IoT-enabled Predictive Maintenance Solution that enables OEMs & MROs to energize their service business by offering new service packages with unique warranties.

By empowering stronger customer relationships, SKYLER Rotate enables the creation of stable & recurring revenue streams and maximizes equipment efficiencies.

A holistic approach to predictive maintenance in rotating equipment.

SKYLER Rotate enables industrial equipment manufacturers and maintenance & repair companies to stay relevant by ensuring optimized planned downtime and repair cost reduction. This becomes possible through scalable data-driven predictive maintenance capabilities and machine health insights combined with a unique Unwarned Repair Events Warranty.

Maximize Efficiencies.

Improve Machine
Boost Service Performance Through
Data-Driven Insights
Optimize Planned Downtime
Through Actual Asset
Health Indicators

Minimize Downtimes.

Reduce redundant
repair operations
Act upon abnormal asset
behavior in advance
Reduce unexpected failures
to an absolute minimum
Reduce repair costs
as potential issues
are identified

Beyond Predictive Maintenance.


Save Time & Money.

SKYLER Rotate remote condition monitoring provides complete visibility of all assets around the clock, regardless of location.

Your service team is always in the know and performs at peak efficiency.

Achieve Peace of Mind.

Predictive Maintenance allows service teams to resolve the issue before a failure occurs. SKYLER Rotate bundles predictive maintenance capabilities with service packages to add a competitive edge.

An equipment-agnostic system such as SKYLER Rotate is the answer to ever-increasing competition.

Drive Efficiencies in Service.

SKYLER Rotate goes beyond predictive maintenance. With a unique combination of technology, business services, and warranties, SKYLER Rotate creates a brand-new level of service quality and offerings.

Finally, you will have more time to focus on operations.

Elevate IoT Technology & your expertise.

SKYLER Rotate leverages a bespoke IoT hardware and software approach while smoothly incorporating your rotating equipment domain expertise. SKYLER Rotate's implementation bears strongly on a true partnership between OEMs, MROs, End Users, and relayr, where each party brings a new level of expertise.

You don't need to stress about implementing 'another tool'.

The focal point.

Leverage SKYLER Rotate unique combination of technology, services, and warranties to eliminate unplanned repair costs, build stronger customer relationships, and elevate your market position.

Asset Health Insights.

  • Signature analytics engine
  • Pro-active health & fault notifications

End-to-End Predictive Maintenance Solution.

  • Sensors, gateway, connectivity
  • Analytics & algorithms tailored for rotating equipment
  • Web-based interfaces for predictive maintenance & expert tools

Bespoke Warranties

  • Outcome warranties limit risks for new services

Stronger Customer Relationship.

  • Go-to-market consulting & support
  • Enabling success beyond technology

Intuitive IoT Solution.

Unwarned Repair Warranty.

Warrants system's ability to detect
a health status change of your asset

Expert Tools.

Advanced vibration
analysis toolset

Condition Monitoring.

Monitor assets and components

Asset Health Insights

Identify and highlight
potential issues early
to prevent unplanned downtime

Fault Classification.

Identify and highlight potential assets’
optimal performance issues


Know about any health state
changes in your assets

Business Dashboard.

24/7 remote view providing all
important states at-a-glance

Success story: HECO

Relayr’s value based approach to leveraging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) products, such as SKYLER Rotate, to address customer pain points has made for a dynamic relationship with HECO, and we know Apollo will raise the bar in terms of customer satisfaction.

“Apollo is just the first step in HECO’s digital evolution as we continue to fundamentally transform how we do business for the better while putting our customers’ needs at the center of those efforts.”

Justin Hatfield, President, HECO
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