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relayr is an IoT company for the Digital Transformation of Industries. We provide a device, hardware and sensor-agnostic enterprise middleware platform, and powerful, simple-to-use tools which enable fast and cost effective development of new solutions, equipment and services for the Internet of Things.

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Smart Cities

HORIZONTAL PLATFORM FOR CITY-WIDE SERVICE CORRELATION.   The relayr Cloud, our protocol agnostic cloud platform, is delivering a fresh new approach to enabling Smart Cities. With the myriad of increasingly complicated services, software, hardware, and management systems that cities are using today, a horizontal middleware platform that allows every component to communicate as one system […]


Building Infrastructure Management

GROUND-BREAKING TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS. Cisco IoE innovation Centers around the world enable and showcase local innovation and development. relayr had the unique opportunity to be involved in building the connected openBerlin infrastructure from the very beginning.   In a building that was conceived from the outset to be completely monitored and controlled by smart […]


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10 Values we provide for your business

  1. Quick Response to Competitive Pressure from Rapidly Evolving Technology
  2. Transparent Cost Control
  3. Future­proofing of your Company and Technology Roadmap
  4. Secure Opening of Your APIs to Thousands of Innovative Developers
  5. Secure Opening of your Closed System into the Internet of Things
  6. Easy, Secure Platform Integration
  7. Accelerated Innovation and Identification of Your Value from the IoT
  8. Easy, Secure Device Management
  9. Data Visualization and Analytics
  10. Innovation (R&D) as a Service