We accelerate your business
into the Internet of Things

with easy tools connecting things and apps

Hardware for Prototyping

WunderBar allows for quick and easy prototyping of connected things for companies of any size

Platform as a Service

Turnkey cloud solution for sending, receiving and saving data from sensors. Complex event processing, automation and notifications


Write your own app for Android or iOS. Libraries for node.js, Python and C# are available. WebJS, Ruby and more will be supported soon

This Is All You Need

for prototyping and building smart connected solutions


Our easy to use IoT prototyping kit will get your solution kickstarted

An idea

How to make something smart

App development skills & tools

iOS, OSX, Android, web development... whatever tickles your fancy

Open Sensor Cloud as a Service

What Are Your Business Needs?

Smart devices, but no cloud platform?

We have a cloud

You want to manage device data securely and easily, and show historical data.

You want to aggregate, visualize, and analyze the data.

You want to see how your product value develops.

You want to learn data trends and usage patterns. Smarten your device with cloud-based data.

Trying to open up to developers?

We‘ve got APIs and a Developer Community

You want to open your APIs?

You want to bring your products into the Internet of Things era?

You need easy, secure, platform integration. Low risk, and transparent cost control.

Innovating with sensor devices?

Our easy tools will accelerate you

You need rapid time-to-market. Competitive pressure requires fast action and easy tools.

You want to move from rapid prototyping to robust, secure, and scalable growth with innovative solutions.

Start Building IoT Solutions Now
for Your Business and Your Customers

The Open Sensor Cloud is a no-nonsense, robust and flexible Platform as a Service for your device data management and rapid innovation needs

Save hundreds of thousands on infrastructure costs

Start building your next-generation apps within minutes

Massively reduce your short-term and long-term risks

Transparent pricing plans: Pay as you go

Our Platform Offers Standard Features such as:

Complex Event and Rules Processing

Notification Engine

Data Visualization and Aggregation

Multi-Protocol Support (MQTT, CoAP, OMA Lightweight M2M)

Device Agnostic


Highly Scalable (built on Scala, Akka, Cassandra)

Secure (SSL, TLS)

Break, place and program

It works right out of the box. It is energy efficient, fast, secure and designed for developers, makers and manufacturers.

WunderBar is an IoT starter kit for app developers, enabling you to start programming apps for the physical world around you.

Make your home safer and more energy efficient, create that golf swing game you've always dreamt of, make your garden watering system smart. Create whatever you like. The only limit is your imagination.

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What Can It Do For You?

Application Developers

Create smart physical devices and systems without any hardware experience. Write apps that utilise the worldwide WunderBar sensor community

Makers and Hardware Specialists

Get an easy way to add WiFi and BLE connectivity securely to any hardware


Speed up hardware prototyping by using a WunderBar to connect products to the internet. We'll support you in embedding our solution into your product