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The WunderBar is the easiest way to create innovative and useful apps to connect smart devices.

It works out-of-the-wrapper, contains 6 awesome Beacons (BLE), sensors, and Wifi, and is dead-simple to program. Sensors include: Light, color, distance, temperature, humidity, remote control (IR), accelerometer, and gyroscope, a Grove Connector, and noise/sound sensor which was chosen by the community!

Open Source

We want everyone involved, that's why we are sharing the layouts on GitHub. If you've got an improvement - fork us, make a change, and send a pull request. If you need to build your own board to integrate with existing systems, be our guest. The liberal Apache License makes this possible.


Security for low energy devices over domestic networks is a challenge. We are working with partners to build the highest possible level of security into devices. Our device registration harnesses the security in your smart phone or tablet to create a permanent connection with the OpenSensor Cloud


The WunderBar comes shipped with our own firmware which seemlessly integrates with the OpenSensor Cloud, however you can work with Arduino, or roll your own solution. We have libraries for Arduino, and examples for building your own solution.

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OpenSensor Cloud

The relayr platform will enable device makers and manufacturers, app developers and sofware companies to leverage the power of the Internet of Things. They will be able to create new applications and services that let end users enrich their lives. Complex Event Processing and a Rules System define relationships between events and actions that allow the interaction among different devices and applications.


We make use of fantastic Open Source components to enable our platform. We will also be releasing our SDKs and API implementations as Open Source projects.


Security for low energy devices over domestic networks is a challenge. We are working with partners to build the highest possible level of security into devices. Security is baked into our cloud soution with APIs exposed exclusively through OAuth.


We're working with Core Technologies developed by Twitter, Linkedin and Yahoo. We're confident of our ability to scale for the next billion devices, and are working on the next 2 billion already.


The Internet of Things will become pervasive only if it is ambient. Our Rules Engine means that your next remote control will not be an iPhone.


Your home is beautiful, but it isn't a bubble. OpenSensor Cloud connects it with services and APIs, such as weather, traffic and news feeds across the internet, offering a deep layer of device integration.


Login to OpenSensor Cloud to manage both your devices and apps. You can fine tune settings to be as autonomous or intrusive as you want.

relayr studio

We provide the tools that you need to create great apps and services connected to the Internet of Things.

We provide a fully featured SDK complete with examples and tutorials for iOS and Android. Our REST API is there if you want to build server-side components.


Our SDKs are Open Source. We not only want you to understand how they work, but you to make them work better for you.

Easy to Learn

It doesn't matter if you are a hardened Pro, or just building your first App. Our tutorials and examples give you just what you need to get started.

No Hardware skills required

Our starter kits require no Hardware skills, meaning that you can be programming for the Internet of Things today, without having to learn a whole new set of skills.

Our Team

Harald Zapp

CEO and Founder

Over 25 years experience in the ICT-Industry. Executive at Cisco Systems Europe as well as at SynOptics, Wang Laboratories and other US hightech companies. Recently he was one of three Managing Directors at Attensity Europe.

Jackson Bond

CPO and Co-Founder

Co-founder of MONOQI and 8hertz (sold to VoxGen). Designed and marketed consumer and developer facing internet platform products for MONOQI, XING Mobile, XING API, Holtzbrinck. VoxGen/8hertz since 1998.

Cedric Deniau


Over 15 years experience architecting, building and operating commerce platforms for large scale, highly available data-driven mobile and web products.

Michael Bommer


Decades of executive experience in the software sector, Managing Director for Genesys Germany, as well as for Nuance Germany, and Computer Associates. Start-up consultant for US start-ups like zendesk, full circle crm

Paul Hopton

Chief Engineer

18 years experience building web experiences, tools, services and platforms for companies such as Bosch, Red Bull and Number Four.

Gunnar Daft

Head of Ops

COO at Age of Wind AG. Systems- and Datamanagement expert.


Interested in working with us?

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