The Edge is the coal face of relayr’s digital transformation and equipment, production line or machine analysis solutions. This is the first point of contact between relayr and your machines or lines. For the most part, Edge technologies are essentially software systems designed to connect industrial equipment to the internet via relayr’s middleware processing systems. The rapid development of technologies at this level means that the Edge is never static; sensor and high-tech data collection systems are evolving at a mind-blowing pace. Our engineers will deploy the latest technologies tailored to the unique conditions and goals that each project brings.


A multiplicity of sensor and device types collect data from industrial equipment using a range of customized protocols. This process allows intelligent algorithms to ‘learn’ your machines and identify critical events. Front-line digital signaling aggregate values to reduce data traffic hitting the middleware. Our tech systems guarantee the secure and reliable transmission of data to the relayr middleware based on any cloud vendor – AWS, Google Cloud or other. Edge technologies are capable of running in-machine and on gateway across a wide range of different equipment and hardware. There are three main operative areas in which Edge technologies can be deployed.



For large and small-scale manufacturers, the quality and functionality of the product they produce, in whatever form, is where their reputation will be built. relayr’s Edge engineers can quickly identify which processes in the equipment range or fleet are suitable for device connectivity and configuration. Our experience allows us to support mass roll-outs of industrial equipment of any size. Sensors and initial data processing will speedily expose previously hidden data, allowing you to gain access to machine processes and their internal states across a whole batch of equipment.

The dashboards provided at the frontend give engineers and administrators the ability to remotely troubleshoot devices and take actions such as distance-updating or even reconfiguring equipment long after it has left the manufacturer’s stores. Edge sensors are also configured to send out real-time alerts and warnings at the individual machine and systemic levels, giving you the chance to take prompt action to prevent similar issues in other machines or equipment. The software systems relayr deploys provide you with full control to install security updates, input software improvements or implement quick security fixes across the whole fleet of equipment or machines.


Busy production lines, no matter how simple, are always a conglomerate of stand-alone machines and equipment. The deployment of relayr’s Edge technologies can swiftly provide you with deep insights into existing brownfield processes at both aggregate and discrete levels. Project-specific audio and movement sensors harvest data from machines using a number of Legacy Protocols such as OPC-UA, Siemens Step7, Rockwell EthernetIP, Modbus, OSIsoft, BacNET and CANbus. In order to identify ways
to improve efficiency or to optimize output, the data will be visualized to present clear key productivity insights on the amount of material or items passing through a system or process, on possible defects in the system or on uptime efficiency statistics. Health metrics are also vital to understanding a process or machine; Edge sensors software can transform data into systemic error protocols, maintenance or functionality warnings and of course on energy or material consumption.

Relayr’s intelligent machine learning technologies render pre-analytics and data cleaning at the Edge itself, thereby reducing overall data costs while still supporting full predictive maintenance. All alerts and notifications can be adapted to changing processes. The processing capabilities of Edge technologies also allow for cloudless operation with fully secure on-premise or hybrid software systems available.


Edge solutions can also be deployed to simply enhance monitoring of managed assets or service needs on equipment or production lines. Remote control via tailored, easy-to-use dashboards and troubleshooting alerts and notifications give you control over processes
and machinery.

Effective use of the data can and should have an immediate impact on current business targets and will inform and enhance future
plans. Programs with Artificial Intelligence capabilities generate machine-learning systems, which will guarantee you uptime and create the possibility for predictive maintenance rather than inefficient or even unnecessary scheduled downtime. The ability to measure your manufacturing or machine-life processes enables you to manage your assets and not just monitor them.

Our engineers can streamline device onboarding and execute mass deployments with relatively little disruption. Relayr is in the unique positions to insure your machinery during (and after) the retro-fitting. Digital transformation and holistic integration of processing systems further allows you to update or configure software from a single centralized systemic point, thus avoiding conflict and unscheduled downtime.