The comprehensive nature of our IIoT solutions are one of relayr’s key USPs. It goes without saying that at the heart of the relayr offer are its world-class engineering, tech and integration teams. But we also offer financing options for IoT enabled equipment that cover equipment build or retrofit, IoT enablement and implementation. Financing can be a daunting challenge to businesses making a decisive move toward digitalization. At relayr, we understand the challenges and have the experience and connections to source bespoke financing packages for our IIoT partners.



There are any number of reasons why businesses may have difficulties getting the right financial package for their IIoT investments. A weak credit rating matched with difficult-to-asses business outcomes is an obvious issue for some companies tapping up standard financial institutions for credit. This is because typical financing instruments very often do not match industrial SMEs’ funding requirements for digital transformation cases. This is especially true for Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) business model transformations, which can be complex and not without risk. For mid-sized SMEs, tempted by but unsure of the major benefits achievable with smart manufacturing or servicing, the initial retrofit or equipment investment can appear relatively high compared to the company’s immediate revenues. Moreover, IIoT equipment is generally hard or even impossible to resell. Businesses themselves may be unsure of the outcomes as the market demand for the promised new service or improved product has not yet been proven. In general, traditional financial institutions have still not adjusted their financial packages to suit current business digital transformation needs. This is why, at relayr, to enable our customers to realize innovation, we can help secure financing from progressive financial institutions with whom we have already worked. Although each package will be unique, there are solution for all financing needs.


At the beginning of all digital transformations, machines and processes are retrofitted in order to harvest the data necessary to visualize the process or machines properly or to create digital twin models. This whole process, from planning to the initial implementations, can be financed and even insured. Financing retrofitting rather than purchasing is advantageous as any improvement to OEE or machine efficiency reduces the need for CAPEX investment. OPEX investment enables the improvement of existing infrastructure, the benefits of which are reaped in increased capacity and enhanced efficiency. It also helps to introduce predictive maintenance, smarter servicing and to support the development of new products or services. Compared to new machine purchasing, retrofitting finance packages have a low complexity and a matching low financing volume compared to financing new machines.


Retrofitting undertakings do not stop with the hardware components. Project financing is required when there is a need to cover not only the additional hardware investment and also the installation, IoT enablement and implementation elements.

This unique financing setup allows to bundle most of the costs associated with implementing an IoT solution through a mechanism that does not impact the financial health of your existing business. By sharing the risk with our financing partners, our customers can then finance the transformation, and ensure their business case on the investment is secured upfront.


This innovative financing solution helps businesses to develop Equipment-as-a-Service models. Industrial players can become EAAS providers either by buying back sold equipment, then retrofitting or scrapping it in order to resell or lease according to an EaaS model or they can choose to finance the development of a new generation EAAS enabled equipment. The investment can help finance the kind of machinery needed to retrofit, retire, or renew used equipment or completely cover pre-financing for new generation equipment to be produced. As part of the financing solutions, the funds can include provisions for IIoT enablement, delivery and installation on top of the equipment hardware itself.

These projects are highly complex and financing levels are usually quite high. Relayr works simultaneously on both the orchestration of the project and the finance package to suit it, which means the entire project is quickly scalable.


There are no universal solutions for financing complex and radically different projects. Relayr enables vital financial support through progressive lending institutions who understand relayr’s mission of keeping industrial businesses relevant. By offering insurance warranties to cover implementation and even business outcomes, relayr reduces the risk associated with business model transformations, encouraging businesses to make that decisive move into IIoT. This financing offer enables businesses to execute on their IIOT ambitions by making the expensive equipment needed in the transformation a sound investment. Needless to say, partnering financial institutions, aspiring EAAS suppliers and relayr enter a long term partnership in this transformation journey, with all parties striving for the ongoing success of the resulting EAAS proposition.


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