18 June, 2015

Top 5 IOT Trends from Cisco Live.

Without a doubt, the biggest take away from Cisco Live US 2015 is that the Internet of Things is transforming the world as we know it, at a mind blowing pace.


  • Collaboration – With the announcement of 35 new intercloud partners, Cisco certainly highlighted the need for openness and collaboration for businesses to stay competitive in the marketplace moving forward.


  • Securing the Internet of Things – With more and more data collected, stored, and shared, securing the Internet of Things, from the data center to the cloud to the various end points, is necessary to protect increasingly sophisticated and aggressive threats.


  • Unintended consequences of IOT – We overheard and participated in many conversations about unintended consequences of IOT. From data bloat to user and employee privacy concerns to unexpected insights gained from data analytics, the unintended consequences abound, and present unique challenges to every business.


  • Insight is Imperative – The one trend that touched every exhibitor, presentation, class, and conversation at Cisco Live is that insight into your data is the most important aspect of the Internet of Things. Instrumentation, collection and storage of data, and security of data are all meaningless without the ability to pull meaningful insights from that data.


  • IoT Acceleration – Everyone agrees that the already rapid speed of IoT adoption is only going to increase. Your take away from this should be: Start Small. Start Now. Launch Quickly. Learn Fast.


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