14 July, 2015

Securing the Internet of Things.

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Security is a concern on everyone’s mind when it comes to Internet of Things (IOT), and with good reason. Every new wave of technology has been faced with its own set of security concerns.


The first concern cited, in early discussions about IOT, is always Hackers. While the reality is that hackers will always look for
vulnerabilities and ways to exploit them, they rarely succeed by breaking encryption. Successful brute force attacks are the exception and not the rule. Hackers are far more successful exploiting weak user passwords and phishing. While we cannot alleviate those risks, we can prevent more security vulnerabilities from occurring.


We are a German company, where data security laws are some of the toughest – if not the toughest –  in the world. We were implementing encryption protocols before we even had a database. Our system has been designed with security in mind, from the ground up. We have focused on working with hardware that can support encryption.


The security challenges surrounding IOT are multifaceted.

From a functionality standpoint, there are significant challenges to building low-memory, low-powered Internet connected devices that support encryption. For this reason, an alarming number of smaller devices that are being built into products today have no encryption at all.


For IOT enabled devices connected to the network, the concern is the security between the sensor itself and the first IP connected device. In most cases, the data is being sent and received over a proprietary protocol like Bluetooth, Sigfox, or Zigbee. For this reason, it is imperative you work with companies with established security protocols and rules. If you are considering a platform to work with, you must first understand their security architecture.


There is safety in working with established companies that have stringent security standards. This is why we work with Cisco, because no only do we have our own security standards that are top notch, but we double reinforce that by partnering with a premier Wi-Fi network company that has been successfully facing this challenge for the past 15 years.


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