27 September, 2016

relayr joins OpenFog Consortium.

Press Release

• relayr joins forward thinking OpenFog Consortium
• industrial IoT webinars and workshops to deliver knowledge and support to relayr partner ecosystem and customer end users

BOSTON, MA – Sept. 30, 2016

relayr, the rapidly growing global Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform provider, projects its strongest quarter yet as they announce their membership in the OpenFog Consortium and upcoming enterprise and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) education initiative.


Founded by leaders in the industrial Internet of Things in November 2015, with a stated mission of driving industry and academic leadership in fog computing architecture, test bed development, and a variety of interoperability and composability deliverables that seamlessly leverage cloud and edge architectures to enable end-to-end IoT scenarios, the OpenFog Consortium has already grown to 45 member organizations. Today’s announcement that relayr has joined the OpenFog Consortium highlights their commitment to enabling IoT innovation for all organizations around the world.


As part of its enterprise and industrial IoT education initiative, relayr announces a series of webinars in collaboration with partners Intel and Fast Lane and an international hands-on workshop event series with Avnet and Cisco.


The webinar series is designed to educate relayr’s partner ecosystem and enterprise end user customers on how to identify iIoT Innovation needs that address business critical pain points, understand the key components that go into solving those needs, and provide examples of real business outcomes of proven solutions across multiple industries.


The multi-city workshop event series across North America and Europe will provide hands-on experience to relayr’s partner ecosystem and to enterprise end user customers, promoting a deep understanding of Industrial IoT solutions and demonstrating the ease of building an IoT prototype in one day with relayr and key partner technologies.


“Fog computing is referred to as the edge, but it really is at the center of any effective IoT strategy. Not only does relayr deliver that “last mile of connectivity” to the edge, but we provide the knowledge and support to enable rapid development and implementation of industrial IoT solutions from the edge to the core and back,” says Josef Brunner, relayr CEO.



About relayr

relayr is a rapidly growing IoT company, providing the enterprise middleware for the digital transformation of industries. As a thought leader in enterprise IoT, relayr develops sustainable IoT solutions, based on the OpenFog IoT reference architecture and it’s own stack.


relayr addresses the central challenge of the Internet of Things, digitizing physical objects, with an end-to-end development solution consisting of an IoT cloud platform that communicates from Any-to-Any (any service, any software, any platform, any sensor); open source software development kits;and a team of IoT experts to support rapid prototyping and implementation.