9 July, 2019

relayr, FLANDERS partner for digital transformation project in heavy industrial space.

  • Strategic partnership with relayr allows FLANDERS to build on seven decades of innovations by offering new digital services for its industrial customers.
  • The long-term partnership will further reduce unexpected downtime and improve asset performance using predictive AI to complement decades of failure analysis.
  • The company can now offer innovative, guaranteed uptime and pay-per-use models; first in the market for customers in mining and heavy industrial markets.

CHICAGO, July 9, 2019 – relayr, a global industrial internet of things (IIoT) technology company, has entered into a strategic partnership with FLANDERS. FLANDERS is a global leader in electric machine repair, power systems engineering, custom manufacturing, integration, and the deployment of advanced technologies for the world’s largest machines with electric rotating systems in heavy industry. Together, the companies are developing and deploying remotely monitored, intelligent solutions with guaranteed business outcomes to FLANDERS’ global customers.

The partnership leverages relayr’s artificial intelligence-based IoT technologies to disrupt how conventional assets in high-demand scenarios are managed in heavy industrial environments, like mining, mills, and other manufacturing plants. This gives FLANDERS’ customers access to new digital services to further reduce unexpected downtime and improve asset performance. Operators are provided with ongoing and thorough insights into critical failures and efficiency levels in a predictive fashion. The new digital services also reduce capital expenditures and ensure maximum production of critical assets – which is guaranteed through relayr’s parent company, Hartford Steam Boiler/Munich RE.

“The benefits of a digital transformation can be significant, and an increasing number of organizations across nearly every industry are embracing IoT solutions to improve operational efficiency, maximize productivity, and generally change the way they do business for the better,” said Guneet Bedi, GM of the Americas for relayr. “Our partnership with FLANDERS will have a far-reaching impact on our respective customers, and we’re excited to begin working with them on this exciting new endeavor.”

For FLANDERS, the partnership includes a shift to a predictive service model, which offers uptime and business interruption guarantees. These guarantees are possible through relayr’s years of domain experience combined with predictable algorithms that ensure revenue and cost certainty for FLANDERS’ customers. FLANDERS is also evaluating the offerings of a pay-per-use model for its custom manufactured products and services, an industry first in this segment.

“As we move further into the world of Industry 4.0, it is increasingly clear that undertaking a digital transformation is a necessary move in order for us to continue to serve our customers with the world class electrical expertise FLANDERS is known for,” said Shawn Collins, FLANDERS’ Executive Director, US Regional Service Centers. “relayr’s expertise and thought leadership in IIoT, combined with our application knowledge, will yield solid business outcomes for our customers.”

Both relayr and FLANDERS have an agnostic position towards automation equipment for flexibility and agility to achieve success within the complexity of today’s industrial environment.

Guneet Bedi (relayr) and Shawn Collins (FLANDERS)

About relayr

Relayr is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) powerhouse delivering the most-complete solution for risk-free digital transformations. We unleash data insights from existing equipment, machines and production lines to improve our customers’ business outcomes. We enable industrial companies to shift from CAPEX to OPEX-based offerings to their respective markets, providing a unique combination of first-class IIoT technology and its delivery with powerful financial and insurance offerings — all from a single source trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide. With relayr, manufacturers, operators, and service companies for industrial equipment are empowered to implement fully interoperable IIoT solutions guaranteed to achieve their target business outcomes.


FLANDERS is a global leader in motors, drives, electronics, and control systems for heavy industrial machines. The privately-owned company has over 70 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, and servicing large electrical rotating equipment and systems that bring massive machines to life. Today, FLANDERS develops some of the most advanced controls and software for complex machines in the connected era of Big Data and continues to provide its trusted hands-on repair of motors and electrical systems.

FLANDERS has offices, warehouses, and Regional Service Centers across the United States and around the world. Our facilities and operations are located in North America, South America, Australia, and Africa. Our corporate headquarters is based in Evansville, Indiana.

For more information about FLANDERS, email info@flandersinc.com or visit flandersinc.com.