12 October, 2015

relayr and Deloitte Digital Join Forces for IoT.

Ready to Enable the ‘Internet of Things’

Deloitte Digital and relayr, an IoT company, cooperate to enable rapid integration of new technologies, products, and services in the emerging ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) on a global scale.
Berlin / Munich, October 12, 2015
The development of new services and products and their integration into the “Internet of Things” are among the most pressing challenges of the economy. To enable enterprise customers to address these challenges, Deloitte Digital and relayr, an internet-of-things company, are now working closely together to deliver cloud based tools and direct setup services that enable cost-effective and rapid deployment of new solutions, equipment, and services for the Internet of Things.
The partnership with Deloitte Digital is the first step for relayr towards providing the “Internet of Things-as-a-service” to the global business market. Recently named CEO, Josef Brunner, along with founder and COO Harald Zapp, are driving the expansion of the business-to-business (B2B) market focus for relayr.
As one of the first providers, relayr offers a solution that connects the physical world and the virtual world quickly and easily. With its own end-to-end development solution consisting of the relayr IoT-Cloud, a software development kit and a sensor kit, this Berlin-based company addresses the central IoT challenge, namely to digitize physical objects. Their initial success came with the multi-award winning “Wunderbar”, an IoT Starter Kit for product developers that enables fast and simple development of applications for the Internet of Things.
“Our goal at relayr is to enable companies and organizations of any size to bring their own IoT solutions from prototype to implementation of the solution within one business quarter – we call it the relayr IoT Innovation Accelerator,” says Josef Brunner, relayr CEO. “The focus of relayr is on the operational, ‘Get It Done’. In partnership with Deloitte Digital, we will focus entirely on the operational implementation of the digitalization theme. relayr has experienced experts, a comprehensible vision for the development of the Internet, agility, and passionate employees. Between our tools, such as the cloud offering and the IoT starter, and Deloitte Digital’s global reach and expertise in establishing and developing business models, this partnership creates an unique and outstanding offer for corporate customers.”
“The Internet of Things will substantially change the way we shop, live, and work together,” says Andreas Harting, Partner Deloitte Digital. “This change is driven by exponential technology growth. We at Deloitte Digital enable our customers to meet the challenges associated with rapid and disruptive change: identifying the strategy to execution, we develop and operate new business models. relayr’s platform and technologies that enable customers to go from prototype to finished product in just a few months make them an ideal partner. ”


About relayr
Founded in April 2013 in Berlin, relayr delivers software, hardware and, consulting services to help companies meet the challenges of industrial digitization. The company has developed the Wunderbar, a hardware sensor kit that contains a collection of freely programmable sensors, metering and transmission modules for further use in virtually all technical equipment. To enable developers the ability to simply and quickly program these sensors, relayr offers an open source Software Development Kit (SDK). Because the SDK is open source, it encourages and enables continuous improvement and integration with hardware and services from companies like SAP, Salesforce.com, or Cisco Systems.
relayr is winner of Cisco IoT Challenge in October 2014 of Focus Digital Star Award in January 2015 the CeBIT CODE_n Awards in March 2015 and the FINAKI IT Innovation Awards in June 2015.
About Deloitte Digital
Deloitte Digital advises the management of leading national and international companies on all aspects of the digital transformation – holistically from strategy through the design to organizational and technical implementation. The focus is on an integrated approach for the development of end-to-end solutions and the development of new business models, products and services. For more information, visit www.deloittedigital.com/de
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