Proximetry Device Management Platform

Proximetry Device Management Platform

Proximetry Device Management Platform manages the most critical of things in the Internet of Things (IoT), the edge device.

Proximetry Edge Device Management Platform offers a fully-integrated solution that delivers scalable and secure, exception-based device management tuned for Industrial Internet of Things and related system applications in Transportation, Manufacturing, Energy, Smart Cities and Utilities.

Originally designed to manage millions of resource constrained devices in the smart grid, Proximetry Device Management Platform is architected for millions of devices and extendable to support management and data gathering features to practically any type of edge device and business environment.

Proximetry Device Management Platform Key Features:


  • Discovery, provisioning and secure on-boarding of devices
  • Visualization of location, topology and neighbor association of the devices
  • Data aggregation across devices
  • Monitoring of device performance statistics
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Local event processing
  • End-to-end network visibility
  • Tailorable alarms and event thresholds

Proximetry Device Management Platform Architecture:

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