29 July, 2020


  • Long-term partnership aims to create a competitive advantage for Grupo Marro and its customers in the fast-growing industrial market
  • Anticipated outcomes of the partnership include lower service/maintenance costs and increased product uptime for customers, recurring revenue for Grupo Marro
  • “This partnership isn’t just about integrating digital capabilities…it’s about undertaking a complete business transformation that will better position Grupo Marro to be competitive in today’s business landscape…” – Guneet Bedi, GM Americas, relayr

CHICAGO, July 29, 2020 – relayr, a global provider of risk-free digital transformations that help organizations achieve their target business outcomes, has engaged in a long-term partnership with Grupo Marro de Mexico, the premier electric motor service provider in Mexico, to implement a predictive maintenance model enabled by the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Relayr will work with Grupo Marro to deploy data-driven services that improve the company’s ability to predict maintenance needs in motors they service for customers. Typically, customers only seek repairs if a motor breaks down or fails in some capacity, which can create unexpected downtime that negatively impacts revenue generation.

With a predictive maintenance model, however, Grupo Marro can predict when motors will fail and work with customers to schedule maintenance before a failure occurs – a proposition that will ultimately improve operational efficiency for customers.

“Relayr’s reputation as a true partner in undertaking business transformations – not just digital integrations – was appealing to us on several levels, including the impact it will have on our ability to better meet the needs and desires of our clients,” said Ramiro Martinez, CEO for Grupo Marro. “This partnership will allow Grupo Marro de Mexico to become an industry innovator by offering its customers guaranteed uptime for electrical motors through proactive and predictable maintenance based on data.”

Another benefit is the opportunity to generate recurring revenue in an otherwise single transaction. Instead of only producing revenue from fixing a customer’s motor that has broken down or failed, a predictive model will allow Grupo Marro to provide ongoing preventive maintenance and additional touchpoint opportunities that are more proactive and more relevant.

“This project isn’t just about integrating digital capabilities into Grupo Marro’s operations, it’s about undertaking a complete business transformation that will better position Grupo Marro to be competitive in today’s business landscape while better meeting the needs of customers,” said Guneet Bedi, senior vice president of global sales for relayr. “Business leaders – especially those in the mid-market manufacturing space – are looking for ways to make revenue more predictable and insulate against economic uncertainty. We’re excited to partner with Grupo Marro to accomplish these goals and better position the company for success.”

By guiding Grupo Marro through a business transformation, relayr can guarantee maximum production from uninterrupted operations to help them achieve their business goals in cooperation with Hartford Steam Boiler, both part of the Munich RE Group.

Both relayr and Grupo Marro take an agnostic approach toward data- and device-management systems. This position allows greater flexibility and agility within the complexity of today’s industrial environment.


About relayr

Relayr is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) powerhouse delivering the most-complete solution for risk-free digital transformations. We unleash data insights from existing equipment, machines and production lines to improve our customers’ business outcomes. We enable industrial companies to shift from CAPEX to OPEX-based offerings to their respective markets, providing a unique combination of first-class IIoT technology and its delivery with powerful financial and insurance offerings — all from a single source trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide. With relayr, manufacturers, operators, and service companies for industrial equipment are empowered to implement fully interoperable IIoT solutions guaranteed to achieve their target business outcomes.


About Grupo Marro

Grupo Marro is the trendsetter electromechanical service center in Mexico, delivering quality repairs to our customers, backed by a high-level quality control supported by different accreditation and certification programs. Aiding our customers in keeping a healthy and effective production by analyzing, repairing and renewing their motors.

We are a family owned business committed to excellence, always aiming towards innovation and development of our customers, our business and our community.


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