3 January, 2019

We’re thrilled about the exciting year ahead with you.

To begin, I would like to look back at 2018. With the establishment of a strategic partnership with HSB/Munich RE, we have been able to provide an even stronger foundation for relayr. Relayr is now an even more stable financial and strategic partner. The takeover has meant that we can now turn our full attention to further developing our solutions as well as advancing the strategic and organic growth of the business. Our journey has by no means come to an end, in fact, we are just taking the first steps in the next phase of our evolution and growth.

You are essential to these developments. Although I have experienced many positive and happy moments at relayr, it has been the time spent with you that I am most proud of. We would never take your trust for granted. We recognize our partnerships as the incentive and obligation that spurs us on each and every day. I am really pleased to be able to tell you about our project with LANXESS. I learned a lot from this project and not just about the chemical industry and the incredible nose for innovation which makes LANXESS so successful. I also shared a lot of positive moments with Mr Zachert and Mr Hellwig as we built up the partnership together. It makes me proud to think they chose us as their digital transformation partner. Read more here about how LANXESS and relayr are revolutionizing the chemical industry!

The LANXESS project serves as a wonderful transition to my concluding thoughts on current industry trends. I never would have thought that digital transformation and our technologies could have had such a positive effect on a process manufacturer from the chemical industry. This just goes to show that all industrial branches will be transformed by the digital transformation and IIoT. This transformation will actually be driven by our partners’ customers. We are really excited that our new setup will help us work even more closely with you. The new financing and insurance possibilities mean we can now promise even faster and more sustainable successful project outcomes. The most exciting trend for 2019 will be the continued conversion of equipment manufacturers to service providers (CAPEX TO OPEX). If you also see the same potential, I look forward to a stimulating exchange of ideas with you – gladly in person!