14 April, 2020

QINOUS – The Energy Storage Solutions of the Future.

Let me begin my message to you today with the sincere and heartfelt hope that you and your families are well. Even though, as an entrepreneur, I am concerned about the economic impact of COVID-19, my main focus lies in overcoming the situation. I believe in all of us – that together we will tackle this challenging situation for our society. Stay healthy, and all the best!

It is admittedly difficult for me to transition to today’s topic. Since it is a topic that also plays an enormously important role in overcoming social challenges, I hope that you will allow me to make this transition. It is an impressive story. This story is not just about sustainable energy but demonstrates the importance of innovation in critical infrastructure – systems that we rely on in challenging circumstances.

We live in times when sustainability, thoughtful use of our natural resources, and intelligent energy management solutions rightly hold a high social and economic status. Being an entrepreneur myself, I am thrilled when innovative projects not only reflect the spirit of the times but also bring economic added value in the long term. In today’s newsletter, considering this point of view, I would like to present to you a project that I find very inspiring and impressive.

QINOUS, a Rolls Royce company, and relayr have embarked on an exciting journey together. This shared journey aims to equip the energy storage solutions of QINOUS with the relayr’s expertise in data analysis and data transfer capabilities. Thus we can offer pioneering fail-safe maintenance and the best possible optimization of storage systems’ performance anywhere in the world. This is particularly relevant for hardly accessible areas. We proudly communicated the great result of our partnership in February this year.

It is worth mentioning that the energy management solutions of QINOUS are already widely used in areas of the world where the power grid ends. As a result, in many cases existing, polluting diesel generators are being replaced. This is an economic and ecological success that goes far beyond bridging energy supply bottlenecks or power failures. Additionally, by feeding and storing renewable energy into existing systems, the energy supply becomes more cost-effective, efficient, and environment-friendly in comparison to the diesel fuel supply.

For that purpose, QINOUS provides standardized lithium-ion battery systems in a compact container form, which can be transported to places where people and organizations want to generate energy using renewable sources and reduce the use of diesel generators. The battery systems are equipped with microgrid controllers and thus serve as a control center for the supply of renewable energy and the optimization of energy operation.

Together with QINOUS, we are expanding this solution with great enthusiasm. Supported by our IIoT experience and expertise, QINOUS’ storage solutions will be able to provide seamless monitoring and analysis of the data generated by the energy management systems. With our solution, the collected data can be cached, sent to the cloud, and then analyzed once an Internet connection is available at the site.

Furthermore, the cooperation with relayr enables QINOUS to offer performance guarantees to its customers, which is only possible through the analysis and usage of storage data. This is yet another example of the added value that we can offer as part of the Munich Re group. What makes it especially exciting is that QINOUS’ storage systems are designed to run for at least twenty years.

I am incredibly proud and happy to continue working on these innovative projects with the QINOUS team, turn this joint undertaking into a worldwide success, and thus make a modest contribution to our sustainability goals.

I would like to thank you, dear business partners and customers, for taking the time to read my current blog post and once again highlight the joy and commitment with which we work on our joint projects. The project described here is a powerful example of the positive forces that can be released when you combine industry expertise with technology and risk transfer elements to bring a unique solution to the market. This fuels our passion and makes us proud.