5 October, 2018

Grohe and relayr: a powerful alliance against water damage.

I am very excited to announce a special partnership today. A cooperation that is not just a vivid example of how the combination of insurance and technology can revolutionize existing markets. It also helps our customers secure and expand their market leadership in times of digital transformation. What is it all about?

Just like more than half of European households, I have already experienced water damage. Anyone who has ever been affected knows that water damage costs time, money, and above all nerves. With intelligent technology and domain expertise, however, moisture, leaking water or the risk of frost could be detected and eliminated promptly.

This is where the cooperation between Grohe and relayr comes into play. From now on, we will fight against water damage together. For this purpose, we are bundling relayr’s technology with water sensors as well as Grohe’s domain expertise and refining the joint solution with insurance elements from our parent company – HSB/MunichRE. Customers not only avoid water damage and its nerve-wracking consequences but also benefit from potentially more attractive premiums from our insurance partners.  

 My colleagues and I look forward to the cooperation, Grohe’s trust fills us with great pride. It demonstrates the maturity of our technology and is an impressive illustration of the attractiveness of our new corporate structure. In the future, we will be able to rely on the resources and opportunities of the world’s largest and most successful reinsurance company. This, in turn, helps us lead our customers even faster and more effectively to success.

If you would like to find out more about our cooperation with GROHE, I look forward to hearing from you.