IoT Training Courses

Our education offerings enable ecosystem partners to enhance their IoT expertise and accelerate market opportunities across all industries. By offering educational tracks specific to all job roles, relayr and Fast Lane enable global scaling of knowledge on developing real-world IoT solutions quickly, effectively and securely.

relayr Sales Enablement Training
for Pre-Sales Engineers (RSESE)


Fast Lane’s relayr Sales Enablement Training for Pre-Sales Engineers is a hands-on immersion into the skills required to engage customers in relayr-based IoT solution discussions. You will build the courage and competency necessary to guide technical customer decision-makers along the IoT journey, articulating how specific vertical use cases produce value in the customer’s setting.



relayr Sales Enablement Training
for Account Managers (RSEAM)


How would you foster a more strategic and deeper relationship with new Line-of-Business (LOB) stakeholders while ensuring your continued relevance as IoT impacts your customer’s organization and business model? The answer is in Fast Lane’s impactful 1-day relayr Sales Enablement course, where you will discover the keys to unlocking IoT opportunities by leveraging the relayr IoT platform and solutions.

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The worldwide Fast Lane Group specializes in high-end technology and business training and consulting. Fast Lane offers complete, authorized training solutions for leading technology vendors, including Cisco, Microsoft, NetApp, VMware, IBM, Barracuda, AWS, Red Hat, Symantec, Veeam, Veritas and other major technology providers. In addition to those vendor’s standard curricula, Fast Lane also develops advanced technology, sales and business transformation curricula. Fast Lane’s vendor-independent consulting services solve a wide range of issues from conducting preliminary analyses and assessments, to designing future-focused IT solutions.

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