Starter Kit for IoT

Start Your IoT Project With The End in Mind

An Industrial Grade Starter Kit for IoT Acceleration powered by relayr, Intel, Dell and Bosch

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relayr is delighted to announce the release of the IoT Acceleration Starter Kit in collaboration with our partners Dell, Intel and Bosch. This kit enables fast and cost-effective creation of industrial grade IoT solutions straight out of the box.

The kit includes:

  • Dell Edge Gateway 5100 enabled with relayr Vertex IoT Fog software
  • relayr and Intel's IoT sensor kit
  • relayr IoT middleware
  • Bosch cross domain development kit

As well as the hardware and software, you will also receive:

  • 1/2 day consulting and support from relayr IoT experts
  • online onboarding instructions


The IoT Start Kit uses a combination of local fog intelligence and a public cloud environment, which relayr will be happy to assist companies and individuals in implementing.

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