Capturing value
in the industrial
subscription economy.

As manufacturers and service providers deliver new digital services, how can they ensure that they and their customers capture the maximum amount of value through their investments in digital transformation? What is the most direct path towards a positive return on investment for the digital industrial enterprise? To discuss the way forward and identify solutions, this webinar features a dynamic dialogue between Stephan Liozu (Chief Value Officer at Thales) and Guneet Bedi (SVP, Global Sales at relayr).

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How can digital industrial enterprises ensure they achieve strong ROI during the transformation process?
  • How can stakeholders avoid pilot purgatory and failed investments in digital transformation?
  • What are the value pools created by OEMs and service providers delivering digital services?
  • How can everyone win at the same time (vendors make more money and operators save money)?
  • How does it work in practice? We provide an example of value creation in a digital project or a new business/service model.