16 February, 2016

How to Make your Employees Digital Experts.

…and increase the benefits of networking for them and for your organisation.

By empowering them to engage their online network you can kickstart the digital transformation of your business.
Study after study concludes that companies should be active in social media, and help their employees to do likewise. Yet, a recent survey (Enterprise 2.0 – Status Quo 2015) reveals that many employers do little or nothing to support their staff’s use of social networking for business. They leave this potentially rich territory to their competitors.

So why would they do that when the survey results are clear?

The only possible answer is that managers simply don’t know how to engage their employees with the social media channels that can help generate satisfaction and success. The advantages of social networking for businesses are as clear as they are transformational. They’ve been proven time after time.

Social media tools can improve communication, collaboration and productivity

Getting your employees involved with your social media means they are 24/7 brand ambassadors

It can give you a commercial advantage, too, in terms of both sales and recruiting. But you need everyone to be on the same page, to have a consistent and cohesive online presence, and that’s where most companies struggle.
These days, people can be suspicious of social media. They may see it as jeopardising their privacy, or they could be overwhelmed by the task of creating a complete profile. Most of these concerns can be easily cleared up.

LinkedIn’s Quick Start Guide shows exactly how it’s done

It explains how companies and employees can take their first steps on LinkedIn with confidence, and illustrates how managers can get employees on board and excited to be there. It even offers practical tips for beginners, from creating a profile to configuring privacy settings. Want to organise a training session for your employees? There’s guidance for that, too, so everyone can set off on the right foot with genuine enthusiasm.

It may be a mere 17 pages, but it could mean the difference between tapping into the power of social media and falling behind the competition.

What’s not to love about social networking and digital transformation?


  • Satisfied employees
  • Improved communication
  • Better collaboration
  • Increased productivity

Thanks to Philipp Muehlenkord, Marketing Manager, D-A-C-H, LinkedIn Talent Solutions, for the informative blog post!
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