The Evolution
of the Industrial
Subscription Economy.

In our previous sessions on the Industrial Subscription Economy, we discussed business model innovation, value creation, and risk mitigation across industrial equipment and services. Industrial OEMs and service providers are increasingly delivering advanced digital capabilities to their customers. Innovative providers are transitioning to as-a-service / utilization-based pricing models for their machines – but how can these first-movers mitigate the risks of transformation while ensuring a positive return on investment for themselves and their customers?

On the agenda:

  • How are OEMs and service providers monetizing their value-added digital services?
  • How can these providers ensure strong ROI for themselves and their customers?
  • How do as-a-service models enable industrial companies to stay relevant and resilient?
  • How does transformation create risk, and how can these companies mitigate the risks?
  • Share a win of delivering new digital capabilities with a novel industrial business model?