ADM Cleveland 2017

past event

March 29th - 30th, 2017 | Huntington Convention Centre of Cleveland, Ohio, USA

ADM Cleveland

The relayr team was at ADM Cleveland 2017, where we taught people about real world IoT implementations in manufacturing.


Here's a glimpse of what we were talking about:


Smart Manufacturing

As a thought leader in enterprise IoT, relayr addresses the most critical challenges of digitization with sustainable end-to-end solutions for connecting physical objects at scale, regardless of the existing infrastructure.

The relayr Smart Manufacturing solution allows you to build connectors between any service, any sensor, any hardware (“Any-to-Any”), to address innovation needs specific to the manufacturing industry. This solution focuses on improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) - an established industry metric used to measure the efficiency of production machinery. By capturing data from sensors within the industrial process equipment, the solution can benchmark and analyze the real-time performance of the overall process. This allows operators to work towards a ‘perfect’ productivity score whilst continually monitoring how well the existing system is performing.

relayr helps you to quickly and effectively build and launch powerful applications that can manage entire factories, production lines and supply chains, and allows users at different levels in the organization to visualize how each machine connected to the relayr cloud is performing.


Business benefits:

  • improve OEE values across facilities

  • improve quality of product produced
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • increase productivity/machine uptime
  • reduce costs related to unplanned downtime


In addition to relayr’s full end-to-end IoT technology stack, our team of IoT experts have interdisciplinary experience from our multiple real-world mass deployments, and can guide you through the process of rapid prototyping.


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