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“Data is the new oil. And we know there is so much more optimization potential in our existing production lines, and we must innovate in the digital age. But we also recognize the limitations of these old machines. As we hire data scientists to make sense of all the new data, to improve business processes, we are also working with experts to unleash more data from the machines. This is the new world of Industrial Internet of Things. relayr has been helping us from data inception to data services to new data insights. Our experts worked with theirs, within 2 months, to identify and deploy first innovative sensor additions to old machines to improve their productivity and OEE, and that is only the beginning.”

Pablo Gonzalez, Head of Strategy and Digital Global Manufacturing and Supply

The Peppermint group is a leader in high quality textile manufacturing of advanced materials and fashion textiles, and maintains six facilities in Europe, four in Germany, operated by 750 employees. We cover almost the entire textile value chain: spinning, weaving, printing and finishing. This leads to syngeries that our partners benefit from. We are committed to innovation, and constantly improving the quality of our products for our global customers. The Industrial Internet of Things is radically changing the way all industry will operate in the near future. As an industrial group, we must keep ahead of these innovations. We lack the expertise in-house to plan and rapidly execute the digitalization of our business; for this reason, relayr is helping us deal with business and technical challenges connected with digitalization. They understand the importance of harmonizing data from existing machines and new sensor technology to build new power consumption management, new anomaly detection models, and later even predictive maintenance algorithms for our production lines. relayr comes highly recommended.”

Alexander Barthel, Chief Information Officer (CIO)

“San Diego companies are powering the Internet of Everything so it comes as no surprise that our smart streetlight network includes Proximetry device management from a local partner, relayr. Current’s CityIQ platform is empowering city decision-makers and residents to improve the way we live, make us more safe and help the environment.”

David Graham, Chief Operating Officer
City of San Diego
GE Digital / GE PREDIX

“As we build the Predix platform, our cloud platform for the Industrial Internet, our collaboration with relayr has helped us accelerate our product development and provide key capabilities that allow us to better connect and manage assets in the field.”

Abhi Kunté, Global Head of Technology Strategic Alliances
Deutsche Bahn Station and Service AG

“There are hundreds of IoT cloud platforms out there. In fact, “the cloud” is now a commodity. But it is not enough to have a cloud. Very few companies understand the full stack in this new “Internet of Things” universe, from the “thing” (or “asset”) itself, to the sensors, connectivity, edge gateways, and then to the cloud, the apps, the services and back again. relayr does. They not only understand the entire stack, but they are fast and professional in delivering a real solution. With board-level support, we are working with them on different use cases around “IoT-ing” – or digitalizing – our train stations. Within weeks we had the first proof of concept built to test our assumptions on platforms and clocks. And there is more to come!”

Herr Klaus Wilting CIO/CTO

“The relayr tech stack – from their Cloud Platform and Data Services down to the connected devices – enables us to take our customers from first prototype to roll-out in a few months.”

Frank Riemensperger, Senior Managing Director

“relayr has created a cloud platform that enables innovation to be built on top of it. All of the application developers that create new applications through relayr will connect the world of IoT.”

Nick Earle, SVP Worldwide Cloud Sales

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Sign up for a personal demonstration of relayr IoT Middleware Platform and Solutions. Tell us a few things about yourself and we’ll reach out to you in a bit.