relayr x IFM Condition Monitoring

Reduce the possibility of failure

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Reap all the benefits from IFM industrial sensors integrated with relayr’s Smart Manufacturing Solution for machine condition monitoring and diagnosis.

relayr’s Smart Manufacturing Solution allows you to collect, manage, and analyze sensor data  with IO-Link. Together, IFM and relayr are enabling your current IT industrial environment:

  • Analyse and alarm users when storage or product condition is below limits
  • Perform at a higher level, increasing quality of the product output
  • Achieve more quality  due to the predictive nature of IoT
  • Have positive impact on supply chain : facilitating a smoother flow of raw material to the manufacturing floor
  • Lower production and maintenance costs.


and follow your production line KPIs, e.g., line availability, efficiency, OEE


with data from physics, chemistry, metallurgy sensors involved in the manufacturing process


fast about what went wrong in the production line

Make use of the IFM sensors and IO-Link in Smart Manufacturing:


IoT ready sensors with direct digital communication easily transfer informatioN to any network.


Microcontroller based sensing systems transfer multiple data points providing more information about your equipment’s operational worthiness.


Data from multiple sensors is combined together into actionable information to increase both production and business performance.

relayr Smart Manufacturing Solution Overview

predictive mainetenance


  • CONDITION MONITORING | See how your machines or storage are performing, regardless of the level of automation or hardware used
  • LINE MONITORING | Get a complete overview of your area by monitoring multiple lines in parallel, enabling you to notify and dispatch the right technicians when a failure occurs

  • GET THE KPIs YOU NEED | Calculated by relayr’s rules engine, cross-referencing data from PLCs, sensors, or manual inputs

  • PREDICTIVE AND OPTIMIZED | Analytics & Predictive Maintenance helps optimize performance, uptime, and other operating measures


IO-Link has been developed by leading sensor, actuator and control manufacturers. The result is a standardised and field-bus independent interface for automation. This provides the user with point-to-point connections without complex addressing.

IFM IO-Link advantages:

  • No external influence of the signal
  • No measured value losses
  • Easy sensor replacement
  • Tamper free
  • Secure identification
  • Wire break detection

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Sign up for a personal demonstration of relayr IoT Middleware Platform and Solutions. Tell us a few things about yourself and we’ll reach out to you in a bit.