With Equipment as a Service, you can make your equipment functionality available for a recurring fee rather than a one-time purchase.

Differentiate your offering by creating compelling packages of equipment and services with a data-driven performance-based solution.

Relayr is your one-stop shop for Equipment as a Service – offering the complete bundle including value discovery and mobilization, technology solutioning, financial structuring, and risk management.

What is Equipment as a Service?

Equipment as a Service (EaaS) is a game-changing business model. Industrial machine usage links not to a one-time payment but pay-per-X model. The user operates the machine with an outcome-based fee that includes maintenance and other value-added services. By moving towards EaaS, industrial companies can ensure guaranteed outcomes for their end customers, capture more of the value chain, and create a stable recurring revenue base.

According to IoT Analytics' Equipment as a Service Market Report, the EaaS model will see a 300% rise in adoption by 2025, with 67% of companies already planning such a transition.
Increase Efficiency
Capture More Value
Per Asset
Grow Your Business

How it works.

The end-user uses the asset on a pay-per-demand basis. The OEM & relayr jointly provide equipment, ensure asset performance and provide the necessary service and consumables. As a result, the end-user can link their demand to their costs and transform their assets from CAPEX to OPEX. Moreover, the value-added services will support maximizing productivity and production outcomes.
eaas how it works

Relayr – your EaaS
one-stop-shop for growth.

Relayr, as part of Munich Re Group, is your end-to-end partner for risk-free transformation to a service-centric business model.

Value discovery
& mobilization.

Transform your business model to EaaS. We are your partner for business model and product development, organizational enablement, and go-to-market support.

Technology & Data
Driven Solutions.

Improve machine performance and lower risks by utilizing Industrial IoT. Relayr's advanced IIoT platform and data analytics monitor the equipment condition to optimize maintenance and repair operations. In addition, we translate production data into financial insights to help improve your TCO.

Operational Asset

Outsource the complexity of operating an EaaS mode. Relayr empowers performance-based pricing and takes care of billing, collections, order, and asset management with a broad geographical reach.


Finance the equipment intelligently and minimize the impact on your balance sheet, a pay-per-demand solution with relayr’s support.

Risk Solutions.

Manage risks with data-driven performance and outcome guarantees.
We are part of the Munich Re Group.

success story.

The TRUMPF Group and Munich Re Group have jointly developed a Pay-per-Part offering that enables industrial businesses to use a full-service laser machine without the need to buy or lease any equipment. Instead, customers pay a previously agreed price for each cut sheet metal part – in other words, they only pay for the finished parts. This approach allows for more flexible production processes and a faster response to market changes.
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