9 June, 2015

Digital Transformation Acceleration.

To keep pace with the constantly evolving global economy and technological advances, it is imperative for all companies to embrace the transition from siloed environments into multi-channel, multi-sourcing collaborative business eco-systems.


Historically, product development cycles for new industrial products in the manufacturing world have been measured in multiple months or years. By capitalizing on the Internet of Things, today’s manufacturing technologies can reduce that time considerably.


Mario Pieper, Chief Digital Officer at B/S/H Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, says “As a forward looking company with a keen eye on creating products that are adding value and are innovative, we need to move fast in today’s accelerated technological world.”


The questions business decision makers should be asking are: How can I speed up development in this complex environment? How can I reduce my time to market when standards and interfaces change faster than my development cycle can accommodate? How can I collect the data I need to make critical business decisions from the equipment I already have?


relayr provides the tools and the platform to allow businesses to extend the life of legacy equipment and bring it up to speed quickly and inexpensively, take existing product lines and give them the flexibility of collecting data analytics, and future proofing their investments. By delivering the ability to collect data from the past and leverage capabilities of the future, relayr is making digital transformation accessible to businesses right now.


Digital Transformation is a must! Start small and start now.