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Core Platform Components

relayr provides everything required to realise Internet of Things (IoT) solutions today. Our cloud platform is the middleware for the Industrial Internet of Things by enabling organisations to connect many different types of devices, harmonise heterogeneous data streams, and make them available for dashboards, mobile apps, services, and analytics.
We provide a unique full-service, end-to-end stack with an open API, streaming services and open source libraries for both hardware and software, facilitated by our step-by-step acceleration method.

Organisations choosing relayr as their platform will be rewarded with the security and ease with which they can integrate their existing technologies. The breadth of devices covered - from simple experimentation kits to industrial hardware - supports digital transformation processes in an agile manner.

relayr Fog Architecture

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Millio: Cloud-Based, Modular Dashboard Tools

Millio provides custom configurable Dashboards encapsulating relayr functionalities according to the customer needs, such as: system health status,device management (onboarding, over-the-air updates, location), data analytics, and gateway management. Millio modular dashboards can be updated and re-deployed at any time through its easy-to-use configuration service.



  • Data streaming
  • Device model introspection
  • Device management
  • Device fleet management
  • Data Visualisation

Analytics: Enabling Business Analytics

We have a specialized service to query device data for use in data visualisations on a number of platforms. For deeper analysis, our platform can also export large batches of normalised, cleaned device data. Together with our partners, we provide packages for common analytics-based tasks, such as process optimisation and predictive maintenance. In addition, we are also building out a range of standard analytics tools to analyze data from within the cloud platform.



  • Data normalization and aggregation
  • Time-series data storage
  • Data visualization tools
  • Batch data export or data backup
  • Data alerts and dynamic reponse

VERTEX: Fog-enabled software for your gateway

Relayr’s gateway solution, known as Vertex, provides a lightweight version of the relayr cloud platform which can run on the local network. It aggregates local data from connected devices and uploads it to the cloud via secure uplink. Data filtering allows you to control the data stored on the cloud.



  • Improved security
  • Local protocol adapters (bacnet, modbus, S7)
  • Data aggregation
  • Localised rules
  • Local data store
  • Batch Uploading


Check Out The Starter Kit for IoT