15 October, 2015

Cisco openBerlin Grand Opening!

The Grand Opening of Cisco’s newest cutting edge, state of the art collaboration IoE Innovation Center: openBerlin was a resounding success!



The openBerlin IoE Innovation Center, a workplace for Cisco customers, partners, startups, universities, and open communities, will help improve business outcomes in the following ways:


  • Demonstrating IoE in action to solve business and public sector problems
  • Engaging in rapid solution and product prototyping
  • Research and investments in local resources, including companies and people


Together with their ecosystem, openBerlin provides access to technology expertise, development equipment, investment funds, joint marketing, and rapid prototyping.

relayr is excited to be a part of the Cisco openBerlin ecosystem! Through the relayr Cloud platform, the openBerlin building infrastructure management system is gathering as much data as possible to make intelligent decisions for how the space works and how people are using the space. From automated building systems like heating, cooling, and lighting all the way down to the connected coffee machine or vending machines, the openBerlin facility itself will be a Smart Building, using data to continually optimize all of its functions.


Not only will openBerlin and other Cisco IoE Innovation Centers provide an environment for bringing together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before, but the buildings themselves will demonstrate to their occupants the power of the Internet of Things.


Cisco’s openBerlin IoE Innovation Center is the latest in an increasing number of these groundbreaking facilities. There are also facilities in Australia, Barcelona, London (Two Locations! – CREATE and IDEALondon), Rio de Janeiro, Songdo, Tokyo, and Toronto.