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Smart Cities




The relayr Cloud, our protocol agnostic cloud platform, is delivering a fresh new approach to enabling Smart Cities. With the myriad of increasingly complicated services, software, hardware, and management systems that cities are using today, a horizontal middleware platform that allows every component to communicate as one system changes everything.
The relayr Cloud enables you to build connectors between any service, any sensor, any software, and any hardware – Any to Any.
By connecting various systems in city buildings and infrastructure to the relayr Cloud platform, cities are gaining visibility and functionality that could only be dreamed of before. For example, they can now see and manage their energy usage in every connected building, anticipate building HVAC needs based on external weather patterns or days of the week, receive real time alerts to dispatch repair crews for broken down trains or power outages, and increase efficiencies in thousands of other large and small ways.

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Smart Cities are emerging fast across different parts of the world. Many of them still combine legacy systems and technologies that are unconnected and are therefore not part of the horizontal interconnected city infrastructure. These legacy systems can be found in buildings, in public spaces, in factories, in public transport: basically they are still all around us. The Internet of Things (IoT) can accelerate connecting these legacy systems with the open systems of today. relayr, a Cisco Digital Ceiling ecosystem partner, can help you make these connections through their interoperable cloud layer, easy adapters and cloud-based tools.

John Baekelmans
CTO, IoT Solutions Group

How relayr powers Smart Cities


Eliminate manual data collection and get access to your automated data collection results in just 200 milliseconds

83% Improved visibility into the energy usage of all connected buildings

70% Reduction in repair time through real time outage alerts