21 August, 2015

The Business Value in IOT is All About that Data.

The explosive growth in the Internet of Things is just beginning to gain momentum, and won’t be slowing down in the foreseeable future.  In fact, Gartner’s predictions show a 412% increase to more than 25 billion connected Things over the next five years.


The Internet of Things is creating smarter consumers that expect increasingly sophisticated products and services to be available, from every industry. More and more consumers expect websites to be interactive and optimized for their smart phones and tablets. They are looking for the ability to change or upgrade services from the company’s web interface; and intuitive platforms that connect, manage, and control their enabled Things and services from anywhere in the world.


The video below illustrates how technology users are already cobbling together systems of smart Things, from their homes to their vehicles to their jobs, and are envisioning ways they expect future Things to work together.


Data collected from all of these newly connected Things confirms this, and more. The data delivers invaluable insights to how, where, when, and why customers use their Things. In order to respond to the demands of the market, regardless of the industry, businesses will need to compile, analyze, and respond to the data they collect and act on it quickly. Unless businesses start now, they will increasingly lose touch with the needs of their customers and will lose market share to forward thinking and forward moving competitors.


Because this  all-important data comes from so many sensors, applications, programming languages, and platforms, business decision makers may become overwhelmed. They don’t have to be.  The relayr Cloud platform gives businesses the ability to connect “Any to Any” (meaning any sensor, any software, any hardware, any service), aggregate that data into one platform, and use the information to develop new IoT solutions, from prototype to roll-out, within one business quarter.


There is a reason we say Start Small but Start Now! Let us show you how.