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5-4-3 Accelerate!

Introducing relayr's 5-4-3 Innovation Acceleration Process

We enable companies and organisations of all sizes to develop their own IoT solutions, from prototype to roll-out, within one business quarter. Manage and accelerate your digital transformation with end-to-end support in 3 focused stages:

Start Now.
Launch Quickly.
Scale Effectively.

Step 1:

IoT Kickstart Workshop & Idea Generation.

Step 2:

Build and Test a Working Prototype.

Step 3:

Rigorous Testing to Bullet-Proof your Solution.


Put your Solution out to Market.

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Your biggest competitor is... doing nothing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing all segments of business.
If your company is not exploring these opportunities provided by the IoT, you are falling behind.
The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to a new phase of the Internet happening now across all business verticals.

IoT is when things (devices, animate things, inanimate things, etc.) are outfitted with sensors that track their states, and are connected to the Internet.
Sensor data is then visualised into useful information to help you make wiser decisions about how these things are being used, which can improve your businesses, your products and lives.

10 Values we
provide for
your business

  1. Quick Response to Competitive Pressure from Rapidly Evolving Technology
  2. Transparent Cost Control
  3. Future­proofing of your Company and Technology Roadmap
  4. Secure Opening of Your APIs to Thousands of Innovative Developers
  5. Secure Opening of your Closed System into the Internet of Things
  6. Easy, Secure Platform Integration
  7. Accelerated Innovation and Identification of Your Value from the IoT
  8. Easy, Secure Device Management
  9. Data Visualization and Analytics
  10. Innovation (R&D) as a Service

The rapid pace of technological evolution is leaving most businesses confused and racing to understand the opportunities of the IoT.

We help you explore these opportunities to rapidly pinpoint the solution most suited to your needs