From the beginning, we have been dedicated to helping our customers reap the benefits of IIoT applications. While our methods and capabilities have evolved drastically over time, the original vision of helping our customers to stay ahead of the game by digital transformation has not. Each stage of our journey has provided the foundation for where we are today.

In 2015, we launched the Wunderbar to provide developers a simple and easy way to build their own IIoT solutions and connect their devices to the cloud. After the initial projects and listening to feedback from our first partners, we realized that the greatest benefits of IIoT applications would be driven by business needs. That reoriented our focus on developing an agnostic and scalable middleware platform.

As we developed our in-house technology stack, we began to look for ways to accelerate the completion of our world-class end-to-end Industrial IIoT solutions hardware and grow the team significantly. We acquired Proximetry for Edge Device Management and Neokami for Data Analytics and AI in late 2016.

As our experience and customer base grew, so too did the realization that our customers needed more than just a great technology stack – they also needed a partner as vested in their target outcomes as they were. Over the past years, our focus has shifted to delivering solutions that meet our customers’ challenges, risks and outcome needs.


By building on the lessons learned along the way, relayr has become the only IIoT company in the market capable of delivering IIoT technology, financing, insurance, and delivery from a single source.

The hottest IoT Startup
Wunderbar enables connecting consumer sensors to a self-service cloud, generating high engagement with developers (5000+) and accelerating our tect development.
Reorientation towards industry by developing our cloud agnostic, scalable middleware stack.
Completing our IoT E2E solution through the acquisition of Proximetry and Neokami (Edge management and Data analytics).
Focus on business outcomes and longterm partnerships led to the enhancement of our delivery services and our consultative sales approach.
Customer challenges in managing risk and securing financing for their IIoT enabled digital transformation, led to adding Insurance to our value proposition.
Internal focus on operational excellence to enable our value stack and support our continued growth.
Munich RE / HSB announced relayr acquisition.
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