About us


relayr set out to build a Cloud Platform as a Service to help enable the Internet of Things to take off. We were inspired by the old Cisco BlueBox from 1984. It was the first multi­protocol router, and it made different networking protocols interoperable. It meant that IBM networks could communicate with WANG networks, or Hewlett­-Packard networks, laying the next layer of the Internet.
We see the same thing happening with the growing population of connected devices ­- they did not communicate with each other. relayr is building the interoperability cloud layer, connecting different devices from different manufacturers and providing the software for building new solutions across any device and any thing.

The Challenge

In many industries, small and mid­size companies are coming under enormous competitive pressures, that were almost impossible to see a few years ago. If they do not respond with innovation, they risk being disrupted and made obsolete. Many of these companies are stuck with legacy systems and replacing them is too expensive.

Yet, we live in a new technological landscape of cheap sensors, affordable cloud platforms, open source software and hardware, crowdfunding, open APIs, and massively cost­ effective production chains leveraging the internet to lower costs. Today, even individuals can design and make new products and reach millions of potential customers.

The Solution

relayr accelerates your business, whether it is global or local, through three easy and accessible tools:

  1. ­An open Cloud Platform
  2. Many open SDKs
  3. A connected sensor kit with tutorials, to enable first prototypes within minutes, and new product roll-outs within one business quarter

We call the process the 5-4-3-IoT Acceleration approach and it is broken down into three basic phases:

  1. Proof of concept
  2. Prototyping to pilot
  3. Pilot to rollout


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